Skukuza, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Chalet accommodation in Skukuza.

Skukuza is the headquarters of the Kruger National Park and is the largest of all the park's camps. Skukuza was named after the local Shangaan word 'uSikukhuza' the nickname given to the Park's first warden, Colonel James Stevenson-Hamilton.

The Colonel based himself at an old blockhouse from 1920s onwards and helped build Skukuza into the thriving administrative headquarters it is today. There are a number of facilities at Skukuza, from museums to a post office.

The camp is well foliaged and there are some lofty trees along the river's edge. Activities and facilities are diverse, as are the animals and plants found both within the camp and in the surrounding areas. Skukuza has over 200 huts; in fact, with its hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it can claim to be one of the largest Lowveld towns.